Gamu releases first single “Shake The Room”

gamu new

Gamu gained exposure on Season 10 of The X Factor UK even though she didn’t get far in the 2010 series.  In fact, her whole X Factor experience was over in a matter of weeks , yet when she got home, people were camping outside her flat, sending her flowers, letters and recording contracts. Fans of the show even sent death threats to some of the Judges over it.  The media exposure also triggered a brief storm about her family’s visa status ­– although they have always lived in the UK legally, and when their case went to court, it was dismissed in a matter of minutes.


Gamu was born in the capital of Zimbabwe then moved to the countryside in Scotland where she now lives with her family. It’s been an eventful first 21 years and Gamu has been singing all the way. From an early age Gamu has been acting in plays, singing in choirs, and living life through her love of music.


When Gamu Nhengu set out to record her first album, she took her time. Gamu says she “wanted to make something that would last, something timeless, classic and classy – like a Chanel suit.” She turned to the 1960’s for inspiration, mixing it with the mainstream pop and R&B she grew up with to create a sound she dubs Nu-Vintage.  She recorded a set of catchy, heartfelt pop songs with a retro twist, the first single, scheduled for release worldwide on May 5th (Tommy Boy) is the vibrant party anthem “Shake the Room”.




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