Tracklist: “True Romance” by Charli XCX


  1. “Nuclear Seasons”
  2. “You (Ha Ha Ha)”
  3. “Take My Hand”
  4. “Stay Away”
  5. “Set Me Free”
  6. “Grins”
  7. “So Far Away”
  8. “Cloud Aura”
  9. “What I Like”
  10. “Black Roses”
  11. “You’re the One”
  12. “How Can I”
  13. “Lock You Up”

Deluxe Version

  1. “You (Ha Ha Ha)” [BURNS’ Violet Cloud Version]
  2. “You’re the One” (Odd Future’s the Internet Remix) [feat. Mike G]
  3. “You (Ha Ha Ha)” [Goldroom Remix]
  4. “Stay Away” (T. Williams Remix)
  5. “Nuclear Seasons” (Balam Acab Remix)
  6. “You’re the One” (Climbers Remix)
  7. “Stay Away” (Salem’s Angel Remix)
  8. “Nuclear Seasons” (Hackman Remix)
  9. “You’re the One” (Loadstar Remix)
  10. “You’re the One” (St. Lucia Remix)
  11. “You (Ha Ha Ha)” [Lindstrom Remix]
  12. “Nuclear Seasons” (Night Plane Remix) [Radio Edit]
  13. “You (Ha Ha Ha)” [Melé Remix]
  14. “You’re the One” (Deadboy Remix)

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