We have been chosen by Pepsi as Influencers!

pepsi nasser alqatamiYou know, when we first started out we got minimal support from local bloggers and less so from people in the field, but we soldiered on and kept at it. It paid off. Maybe we were too liberal or too out there. Still, both of these are not excuses. Now that we are getting support from all over, it makes us mucho happy.

Not only are we getting the support and appreciation, but we are getting it from major players, hunty. Pepsi is one of them. We have been chosen by Pepsi as one of the major influencers from this list of impressive candidates. 

You might have noticed our #yallanow tags. They are all related to this project. Please click on the Pepsi Arabia website and check out our biography along with a bunch of select tweets. It’s about time we shined and it’s coming right on your face, goyles! Check it don’t wreck it!

For more info visit Ansam’s blog! 


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