Sexy Track: “Imagine It Was Us” by Jessie Ware

JessieWare_2013Jessie Ware has acclimated everyone to believe that she is a low-tempo chanteuse, verging on the cusp of trip hop but without being too unapproachable. Well, that’s all wrong. This track proves that not only can Jessie Ware try other genres, but she can also make you dance.

Listen to the track and watch the video here. 

“Imagine Is Was Us” is a track tacked onto the debut album in time for her US landing. The song is stomp-worthy with a big synth feel and yearning lyrics. Yes, the kind of pop song that can get remixed a thousand times but still would catch you from the lyrics. This is exceptional work from Ware, whom we’ve supported from the get-go. 



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