We DJed (for the first time) at Kenzo’s store launch!

My first DJing gig went smoothly. Thanks #kuwaitrockskenzo, @pltq8 and @kenzoparis_hq for believing in me. @loft965 is all over!!!

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nasser-alqatami-dj-music-Sometimes you gotta take a risk to test yourself, this we did recently. In our time as music bloggers (and even before) we have been asked many times to DJ for events, we always declined because we didn’t have the expertise of DJing, nor did we think it was the right medium because we are very sensitive about our music and we sure as hell don’t take any requests.

The #kuwaitrockskenzo event is about to kick off. @pltq8 @kenzoparis_hq

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But, this leap was timely. First we were asked by someone who deeply believed in us to play for the launch of the new Kenzo Store. At first we were hesitant because we didn’t want to mess up, but PLTQ8‘s insistance and faith in us made us go for it.

Playlisting for #kuwaitrockskenzo tomorrow. @pltq8 #yallanow wish me luck!

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Of course we contacted all our DJ friends and hesitated in calling it “DJing,” we just said “live playlisting” – which it actually was with a little fade in and out. It’s all about timing. Our DJ friends all pretty much said the same thing – play it by ear. Yes, just go with the flow. Although we had all tracks listed, at one point we just went for it and it worked.

Thank you @iammishal for this amazing orchid bouquet in celebration of last night. It made my day!! #kuwaitrockskenzo

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Anyway, instead of blabbing away on your screens. We just wanted to say that it was an amazing experience and the music was spectacular, though we did sneak in 30 minutes of pure 70s’ obscure disco like Paul Jabara’s “Honeymoon In Puerto Rico (Extended Version)” and Arthur Russell’s “Is It All Over My Face (Larry Levan Remix).” All-in-all we loved it and looking forward for more to come! 



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