Boogaloo Stu releases his new single “Magic Soul”


Boogaloo Stu releases his new single Magic Soul on 4th March 2013 through Telefunc Records. Magic Soul is taken from the album of the same name which is due for release in April.

In between touring his theatrical extravaganzas Pop Magic, Puppet Paramour and his newest show Crimplene Millionaire, Stu has found the time over the past three years to record a batch of new songs, and the album Magic Soul is the result.

Magic Soul is Stu’s third album, the follow-up to 2008’s Enough About You…Let’s Talk About Me and his 2004 debut album The Glambassador. Over the years Stu has gained a following in Russia, Japan and South Korea, in 2010 releasing a Best Of compilation in Japan.

On his style of pop music: “I really just don’t care for most music beyond 1992, and I suppose the sound of this album reflects that. If it sounds like I’m stuck in a 1980’s groove then that’s just perfect. The post-punk era was the epitome of pop, wasn’t it? And to my ear the only good recent pop songs have all sounded like something that came out in 1982.”

Magic Soul rediscovers the elegant, melodic pop of ABC and matches it with the blue, shimmering dream-pop of The Beloved and Royksopp.




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