Video Premiere: “Get A Job” by Gossip

Gossip are not done with their promotional campaign for their last album! “Get A Job” is about all the rich kids we knew when we were younger, kids who never had jobs but always had money for partying or getting their hair done. We would come home from our fast food jobs in greasy clothes and they would have spent all their parents’ money on handbags and vodka.’

‘These are some of the jobs we’ve had in the past, some we’ll probably have again in the future. Much love and respect to those who work and those who WORK IT!!!!!’

Past Jobs-



Burger King

Phone Psychic


Custodian at the Evergreen State College Mail order at K Records and at Kill Rock Stars I’m a farmer now and there’s no money in it


Paper boy

Dishwasher at a German retirement home

Condom store employee

Dildo salesperson (this is real and was actually different than the condom store)



Bud’s Discount Warehouse

Wal Mart

Puff’s $12 Zoo

Sonic Burgers

Western Sizzlin’

A&W Hot Dogs

King’s Den Hair Dressers

Metro Clothing

Mrs. Powell’s Cinnamon Rolls

Tee’s Me


Coffee People

Black Cat Coffeehouse

Sharif’s Coffee


I ran a hair salon out of my house

I can’t even remember all the jobs! Nathan called me the professional job destroyer!


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