All the CD’s you purchased on are now available as MP3’s for free!

amazon cloud player new free mp3 cdWe were surprised to wake up this morning to find this little nifty email. Yes, all the physical CD’s that you dished your hard-earned cash for back in the day are now available for you in MP3 form on Cloud Player. The email said: ”

We thought you’d like to know that eligible songs from 44 CDs you have purchased from Amazon are being added to your Cloud Player library. This means that high-quality MP3 versions of these songs are available for you to play or download from Cloud Player for FREE. You can find your songs in the “Purchased” playlist. Please note that some songs from the above CDs are not eligible for this feature and may not be available in your Cloud Player library.

In addition, we’re excited to announce AutoRip. Now when you buy any CD with the  logo, all songs from the MP3 version of that album will instantly be delivered to your Amazon Cloud Player library for FREE.” Good day!



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