Alexandra Burke discusses new album, bad sales of last album!

alexandra burke new

Alexandra Burke said on the flop of her last album, Heartbreak On Hold,: ““I loved that album. I loved the positivity behind it. This new album is very different – I’m listening to Aretha, Gladys Knight, Billie Holiday. I’m being inspired by the greats – particularly those who may have been forgotten by my generation. All I want to do is sing and have people hear my voice. If that means slowing things down then so be it… although I do love to dance!”

And on the new album: “I can’t say when it’ll be finished because I honestly have no idea. I’ve always said I’m never going to rush into something – it’s about the quality that goes into it. I’m really happy that RCA have let me concentrate on it and spend time writing it rather than rushing another album six months after my last one. There’s a big focus on live instruments this time – I’m starting to learn to play the keys.”



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