Introducing… Leslie Clio

leslie clion ew

Now just do not seem too smart. Not stupid but not too clever. That would be disastrous – and unnecessary. She is young, blond and blue eyed. Your Soul is naive. In these big blue eyes reflect the wonder of our earthly existence. You’ve already seen more than their peers. Leslie Clio is a traveler, it is the world because they can not be stopped.


The one no one believes. One can not overstress the need of the hour. Not seem too smart. Not too thickly. The reality is tight enough. Take, for example, the pop-nation par excellence, UK. Loves the slight hint of a lack of perfection. The public is suspicious when things seem to be slick. Rather, it clings to the illusion of unconcern. This explains Dusty Springfield , in the Sixties, the Queen of the so-called “blue-eyed soul” that she is known only as a performer today.


“I thought to take advantage of credits, would not conducive to my credibility as a small, innocent singer.”


Something like this can Leslie not happen. Despite his admiration for the classical and modern voices of Souls she decided before production for his own way, and passes all the stereotypes. Leslie makes no secret of her self-empowerment and prefer to trust Nikolai Potthoff as an assemblage of prominent producer and co-authors. Together, Leslie and Nikolai designed for many months, a musical cosmos, which has no equal.


At the same moment lightweight yet substantial, the multi-faceted production shines with beats and sounds you have not heard before in this form. Striking is the concentrated simplicity, the transparent arrangements and the urban setting – references to friendly post-punk and dark trip-hop are here to find as in homeopathic doses as the traces of the older and younger soul history. When the two were included, evaporated several tasteful record collections and from distilled pure magic.


In essence all the songs seem to be about the passion. Mad Drama! But the acts that way.


“In my songs, I simply reflecting what concerns me,” says Leslie , pulling the brow, if someone dares to ask again. Why the failure of love occupies such a large space with her? Is clear: “Negative emotions require simply a completely different level of processing.”


And as a textbook example of how to turn defeats let into a triumph, can their song “I Could Care Less”apply. The message can be compared to a modern Zen attitude and ambitious feature writers find it perhaps the philosophical concentrate for an entire generation. According to information we want butLeslie therefore only say that we are “all the small, everyday dramas of everyday life sometimes have to show the middle finger, because you often without you want, I can do from mad crazy unimportant things.”


In overcoming the ancient, long traditional dichotomy between head and heart reconciled Leslie Clio the supposed opposition between mainstream and good taste. Music and lyrics may seem intelligent, but want “just like”. Behind it lies less computation than a necessity.


Success accepted Leslie only on their own terms. And her biggest success presented her before the first release. You will know who she is. And she sings what she wants. For Leslie Clio is the music speak, because of the music speaks Leslie Clio .


This may also be the reason why Leslie likes to do as if they had nothing to talk about their music.Then they answered questions about their personal preferences with a saucy confession as: “I dunno, I like chewing gum.” Or it suddenly breaks in a conversation about art out of her: “I stand for painting like Garfield for manicure!”


Rather than invent stories about a childhood in the gospel choir cause she remembers dear to the golden era of the German pop and original types like Heintje – or sometimes to the African music, with which it was sounded by your mother. That’s honest (and) different.


As one of the few women of her generation is able Leslie to spin out fine observations engaging stories and make these stories even more attractive songs. The songs are a reflection of her soul. They are full of love, hope and humor – and in the end they are all motivated by a firm belief in the good in all of us.


If you have questions, will find in these songs all the answers.


He who has ears, let him hear …




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