Rihanna’s album compared to “Thriller,” David Guetta to produce

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To compare anything to Michael Jackson’s Thriller is just a recipe for disaster. This new album that Rihanna is rushing out this year allegedly will have it-producer of the moment David Guetta at the buttons and will, apparently, have Thriller as its bar. Let’s see what comes out of it. See what people working on it have to say about it below.

David Guetta: ”

Well, you know I’m a DJ, so I make beats that make you wanna dance,” Guetta told MTV News at the Activision E3 party in Los Angeles. “And I think she was one of the first to do that in that urban world, so you know, I think it would be good for her to do it again.”

Dutch DJ/producer Afrojack was able to get into the studio with Guetta and hear some of the material he’s working on for Rihanna.”He was in the studio with me the first time [after] he finished the new song for Rihanna,” Afrojack said of Guetta. “He was like, ‘Oh my God! You gotta hear this! It’s crazy!’ I was expecting some crazy club sh–. He played me that track, and it was a good track. I think, pop-wise, it’s a fatter sound. Musically, it’s as high a level as RedOneLady Gaga’s producer.”

Rated R, I love the sound of it, in terms of the bass,” Rihanna told MTV Korea in February. “I really like the bottom, the grime of it. But if I were to combine that with more energetic, uptempo pop records, then I think that will be a happy marriage. And that’s where we’ll probably go next.”

Def Jam’s Vice President Bu Thiam on Rihanna’s new album: “Rihanna is coming along incredibly. I’m trying to push her to where every song will be a hit from 1 to 12. I’m talking about NO album fillers. Our bar for this album is Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’. We got smashes from Stargate, Ester Dean, Mel & Mus and Rock City. We’re definitely going in with Ne-Yo, The-Dream and other writers and producers that have always been a part of her creative process since day one. She’s great to work with and very hands on with every song that’s being written and produced. She has visual concepts for just about every song. It’s already giving me the feel of a timeless album, and right now is her time”.


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