Exclusive: Mariah Carey to release new song this tuesday


It’s amazing what a little tweet can do. Mariah Carey just announced, to many people’s amazement, that the first single off of her upcoming album Memoirs Of An Imperfect Princess is called “Obsessed” and will be released this tuesday. This is how the tweet went:

“The 1st single from my new album “Memoirs of an imperfect angel” is called “Obsessed” and will be at radio next tuesday. I’m a lil’ excited!”

The album was slated for a late September release, but that was tentative and almost every Mariah album has been pushed back before. So, to have the single hit radio (and the blogosphere inevitably) this early was somewhat of a surprise. Who knows? Maybe she is trying to give Whitney Houston a break and not release the album at the same time or maybe she is just so happy with the product that it is ready for a release. Sudden releases are good because they make a bigger impact.

This has 19th #1 single written all over it. She is saying she loves it and all the people on the album are very hot off the trends. The album is a sure-fire #1, but the question is how many singles will go to the top spot. The debut single is usually the most likely to get there. This also makes Mariah eligible for the next award season. A Grammy or two maybe? 

The album is set to include this single, “Hate U” and maybe the track she penned for her critically acclaimed movie Precious. It’s called “100 Percent.”  Also, it is rumored that Mariah had done a cover version of Foriegner’s epic ballad “I Want To Now What Love Is.” Carey’s no stranger to this as she has turned some big-hair rock anthems into big vocal ballads like Journey’s “Open Arms” and Def Leppard’s “Bringin’ On The Heartbreak.”

This is what The-Dream, one of the many talents on the album and the mastermind behind “Touch My Body,” had to say about the album: “I think it’s about just writing an album that includes the focus of all the hits that she’s had. She can’t take a loss; she has to do everything to the T. So it’s basically like we’re trying to make a greatest hits album without using the greatest hits.”

For Mariah to rush an album release means something. She is very excited about the project and, even as the fans didn’t anticipate a new album until 2010, the twitterati are all mega happy about the announcement:

“Seriously, this is one of my favorite songs ever. I love the whole album. I’m completely immersed in it. I can’t wait for you to hear it. LY”

I frankly cannot wait for it and look forward to centering my next compilation around the single. I hope it gets to be a big hit by the time this summer’s over. And i hope she doesn’t release a lackluster single like “Bye Bye” to kill the #1 buzz. She won’t. She’s Mariah.



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